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Valero Payment Methods

A Valero gas station with a Circle K convenience store.

Valero is an energy company that has many gas stations in Southern California. Many of these gas stations have convenience stores attached to them as well. These convenience stores often have Circle K signs because Valero spun off its convenience store division and then Circle K’s parent company acquired it. Valero wanted to focus on its main area of expertise, the oil and gas industry, and didn’t want convenience stores to distract it from this objective.

There are also some Valero stations that have other types of convenience stores attached to them, and some of these stores also have quick-service restaurants inside. Additionally, several of the Valero gas stations in my area are open 24 hours, and Circle K convenience stores are typically open 24 hours as well. Since Valero gas stations sell both fuel and packaged food, they also accept more payment methods than some other retailers.

Does Valero Accept Major Credit Cards?

Valero accepts credit cards and debit cards from major payment networks. It also accepts cash. And like other gas stations, Valero might charge you a lower price if you pay for your gas with cash instead of a credit card.

Does Valero Accept Mobile Payment Methods?

Valero accepts Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and other contactless payment methods for in-store purchases. I confirmed this information by looking up the profiles of several of its gas stations in my area on Apple Maps.

Valero also has mobile apps for the Android and iPhone, and these mobile apps accept Venmo and PayPal. That’s noteworthy if you’re looking for a gas station that accepts these payment methods.

Does Valero Accept International Payment Methods?

It’s likely that Valero can accept UnionPay, JCB, and RuPay global cards by processing them through the Discover network.

Does Valero Accept EBT?

Valero gas stations with convenience stores will typically accept EBT in-store for qualifying purchases. Many of these convenience stores are now Circle K stores, so if you’re looking for one of them you might want to search for the nearest Circle K. You can’t use EBT to buy gas from a gas station but you can use it to buy food from the gas station’s convenience store.

Circle K doesn’t participate in the SNAP online pilot program, and neither do other gas station convenience stores, so you can’t use EBT to order a delivery from a Valero station’s convenience store. Some traditional grocery stores participate in this program, though.

Does Valero Accept Buy Now, Pay Later?

Valero doesn’t accept Klarna, Zip, Afterpay, Affirm, or Sezzle. This isn’t unusual because other gas stations and gas station convenience stores typically don’t accept BNPL apps either.

Does Valero Have Its Own Payment Methods?

Valero has its own credit cards. Unlike many retail stores, it does not provide these cards through a partnership with Synchrony Bank. Valero has its own bank, the DSRM National Bank, which issues its credit cards.

Valero also provides fleet cards through a partnership with the fleet card issuer WEX.

What’s Another Useful Fact About Valero?

Valero sells top-tier gasoline. This is premium gasoline that contains extra additives that protect your engine. This also means that Valero sells its gasoline for higher prices than some independent gas stations. Valero’s gasoline is comparable to the gasoline that’s available at other high-quality gas stations such as Chevron and Shell.

What Are Valero Alternatives That Accept Apple Pay?

ampm is Arco’s convenience store brand. These convenience stores are typically open 24 hours.

Shell gas stations typically have Food Mart convenience stores attached to them. These convenience stores are frequently 24-hour stores as well.

7-Eleven is another major convenience store and gas station brand. Some of its convenience stores are stand-alone stores while others are attached to gas stations. 7-Eleven stores are typically 24-hour stores as well.

Chevron also has lots of gas stations in Southern California and they often have Extra Mile convenience stores attached to them.

76 gas stations also sell high-quality gas and many of them have attached convenience stores as well. Sometimes these are Circle K stores but they may also be other types of convenience stores.

Mobil has lots of gas stations in Southern California and they usually have attached convenience stores as well.

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