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Stores Like Aldi

The front of an Aldi supermarket.

Many shoppers want to know which grocery store has the lowest prices and Aldi is a leading contender for this title. This supermarket keeps its prices low by primarily selling private-label products and carrying a limited number of products. It also operates smaller stores than other supermarkets so it has lower rent costs as well. Another thing Aldi is known for is its cart deposit fee, which is normal in Europe but not common in the US. Anyway, here are some more stores like Aldi.

Superior Grocers

This discount supermarket has many locations in the LA area and it has stores in small towns as well as urban neighborhoods. Its prepared foods such as chips and salsa and fried chicken are popular. Aside from that, Superior Grocers sells brand-name groceries and isn’t dedicated to private-label products like Aldi. It also has a customer service desk that provides financial services, which is a common supermarket amenity that’s not available at Aldi.

Lots of people like the prepared foods at Superior Grocers so that would be one reason to visit this store instead of other supermarkets.

El Super

This Hispanic supermarket also has very low prices. Its parent company also owns the warehouse supermarket Smart & Final. El Super operates standard-sized grocery stores and sells brand-name products, although American shoppers might not be familiar with some of the brands it sells. You can buy fresh vegetables, fruit, and meat at this store for much lower prices than other supermarkets.

You might want to shop at this store if you’re also interested in buying Hispanic specialty products, although it is a good choice if you’re just looking to save money on groceries as well.

Trader Joe’s

You can also think of Aldi as the outlet store version of Trader Joe’s. Both supermarkets have similar business models and are both considered discount stores. But I’d consider Trader Joe’s a discount store primarily in comparison with health-food stores like Whole Foods and Sprouts. It doesn’t have the absolute lowest prices around like Aldi does, but it does carry lots of private-label health food and specialty products.

If you’re looking for health food, snacks, or specialty ingredients that aren’t available at Aldi you may be able to find them at Trader Joe’s. This store does have higher prices than deep discount stores, though.

Big Lots

You can also shop for groceries at the off-price store Big Lots. This store sells canned food and packaged food and it has freezers where you can buy frozen meals as well. It also sells lots of low-cost household decorations, toys, and furniture. While some of these items are also available for very low prices at Aldi, Aldi is primarily a supermarket. Big Lots operates large warehouse stores that have room to stock many different products so it doesn’t just sell groceries.

This store is a good choice if you’re trying to get all of your shopping done in a single trip and you’re looking to buy other household goods in addition to groceries.

Grocery Outlet

This supermarket also has much lower food prices than other stores. Grocery Outlet keeps its prices low by purchasing excess inventory from food manufacturers. This business model allows it to stock many brand-name products, including some specialty health food, although it also means that the store also sells some groceries that other supermarkets didn’t want to buy. Depending on your tastes, though, you might still be interested in some of these products. For example, shoppers who like plant-based meats can get really good deals at Grocery Outlet.

Like the outlet stores that sell clothing, this supermarket offers a treasure hunt experience and you may find unexpected bargains there. The trade-off is that Grocery Outlet might not have specific brand-name products available, but Aldi might not carry the brand-name products that other supermarkets sell either.

Smart & Final

If you’re willing to buy groceries in bulk, Smart & Final sells its private-label groceries for very low prices. And unlike warehouse club stores that also sell groceries in bulk for low prices, you don’t need a membership to shop at this supermarket. You can also buy brand-name groceries in standard quantities at Smart & Final and the prices for those items are similar to prices at other supermarkets.

If you want to buy a few brand-name products during your shopping trip, you can do that at this store while still keeping your overall grocery bill low by buying private-label versions of other products. Again, Aldi primarily sells private-label groceries and may not carry some items that Smart & Final sells.

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