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Stores Like Ralphs

A Ralphs grocery store.

In Southern California, Kroger operates Ralphs grocery stores that are similar to other Kroger stores in other parts of the country. Ralphs stores are traditional grocery stores that provide a few additional perks. This supermarket not only provides amenities like in-store cafes and bakeries, you can also buy high-quality private-label health food there. And Kroger’s been adding even more private-label products recently. Additionally, if you want even more health food there’s a premium version of Ralphs called Fresh Fare. Anyway, here are more stores like Ralphs.


This is another traditional grocery store that has amenities like Starbucks cafes as well as specialty items like fresh sushi. Vons and Ralphs carry many of the same brand-name products and have similar prices. They both have store loyalty programs that give you discounts as well. In my opinion, this store is probably the most similar to a standard Ralphs store. Vons stores in upscale neighborhoods may be more like Ralphs Fresh Fare stores, though, because product selection does vary between stores.

While Vons also stocks private-label Signature Select groceries that can reduce your bill, I haven’t seen private-label products inspired by expensive health food brands there like I’ve seen at Ralphs.

Whole Foods

While many shoppers consider Whole Foods an expensive health-food store, this supermarket has responded to the criticism by creating a private-label product line called 365 with more affordable prices. Because one of Ralphs’ main strengths is Kroger’s Simple Truth private-label health food, you could select either store if you want to buy health food for low prices. Of course, if you’d like to buy premium brand-name health food instead, you’ll find a lot more of that at Whole Foods.

If you’re used to shopping at Whole Foods and live in LA you might want to visit a Ralphs Fresh Fare store instead of a regular Ralphs store for a more upscale shopping experience. While Whole Foods is a health-food store, it’s also a luxury store.

Trader Joe’s

While Trader Joe’s has a unique business model, I also consider it a health-food store that keeps its prices affordable by primarily stocking private-label products. Because I also consider this Ralphs’ main strength, I’d consider Ralphs and Trader Joes to be comparable supermarkets as well. One big difference between these stores is that Ralphs also sells lots of brand-name packaged food, household supplies, and cleaning products that aren’t available at Trader Joe’s.

Shopping at Trader Joe’s isn’t just about saving money. It also stocks lots of specialty items that you won’t find at other stores like Ralphs or Whole Foods, although these stores have specialty items of their own as well.

Smart & Final

This warehouse-style discount store doesn’t provide some of the amenities that Ralphs does but it does tend to have lower prices. If you’re buying brand-name groceries there, it’s likely they’ll cost less than they will at Ralphs. You can also buy First Street brand private-label products in bulk at Smart & Final. While Ralphs sells some products in bulk as well, that’s not really its main specialty. Smart & Final is more like a B2B grocery store that expanded its inventory by stocking some of the products that are available at Ralphs.

The choice between Smart & Final and Ralphs could come down to whether you’re trying to save money by purchasing groceries in bulk or if you’re looking for health food or other specialty items.


Depending on where you live in my area, you might see Albertsons stores instead of Vons stores. For example, several Santa Barbara neighborhoods have Albertsons stores. While I originally considered this supermarket a discount brand when I was growing up, it was later acquired by investors who upgraded it and made it more upscale. I’d say that Albertsons is a traditional grocery store like Ralphs now and it has comparable amenities and similar prices. In upscale neighborhoods this store might be comparable to a Ralphs Fresh Fare store.

While Ralphs and Albertsons are very similar supermarkets, you should know that Kroger has made even more investments in its private-label grocery lines recently because many shoppers are buying these products to save money. I should also mention that it’s possible that Kroger and Albertsons will merge in the future if they receive government approval.

Stater Bros

This supermarket is best known for selling high-quality meat for low prices and some say that’s because it has good relationships with ranches in the Inland Empire. I also like the way its store signs look. Stater Bros is a traditional grocery store like Ralphs and its supermarkets have in-store amenities such as cafes as well. But the main reason that shoppers go to this store instead of Ralphs is to get deals on meat.

You should know that most of Stater Bros’ locations are in the Inland Empire as well. While there is a Stater Bros store in Simi Valley, there are several Ralphs stores in Ventura County. So you might have to do some traveling to get to a Stater Bros store depending on where you live.

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