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76 Payment Methods

A 76 gas station with a Circle K convenience store.

76 is a gas station chain that has many locations in Southern California. This company was originally known for selling 76 octane gas when it was established, but gas quality has improved since then and it sells higher-octane gas now. The 76 gas stations in my area frequently have convenience stores that are open 24 hours, which is useful to know if you want to buy energy drinks or snacks when grocery stores are closed for the night. These gas stations are often located near freeways or highways so they can easily be accessed by travelers.

Additionally, 76 is known for selling high-quality gasoline that minimizes maintenance costs for your car. While there are a few gas stations in my area that sell gas at lower prices, their gas does not contain the fuel additives that 76 uses to keep car engines clean. Other premium fuel vendors add similar fuel additives to their gas as well, but some discount gas stations do not. 76 accepts several payment methods.

Does 76 Accept Major Credit Cards?

76 accepts credit cards and debit cards. It also accepts cash. 76 stations are independently operated so some of them may be willing to accept checks as well.

Does 76 Accept Mobile Payment Methods?

76 accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and other contactless payment methods for in-store purchases. I confirmed this by looking up the profiles of several 76 stations in my area on Apple Maps.

76 also accepts PayPal and Venmo if you pay for your gas with the Fuel Forward app. This company originally had its own app called My 76 but that app has been discontinued. Instead, 76’s parent company Phillips created a consolidated app called Fuel Forward that you can use at any of Phillips’ gas stations, including 76 stations and Conoco stations. The Fuel Forward app is a rewards app that’s available for iPhones and Android phones. This app will also show you the locations of nearby 76 gas stations.

Does 76 Accept International Payment Methods?

It’s likely that 76 can accept JCB, UnionPay, and RuPay global cards by processing them through the Discover network.

Does 76 Accept EBT?

76 gas stations often have convenience stores that accept EBT for in-store purchases of qualifying items, so you can buy packaged food with this payment method but not gasoline. These convenience stores may operate under another brand name such as Circle K.

These convenience stores don’t accept EBT for online purchases. If you want your groceries delivered from the 76 station’s convenience store, you’ll have to select another payment method.

Does 76 Accept Buy Now, Pay Later?

76 doesn’t accept Klarna, Zip, Affirm, Afterpay, or Sezzle. Gas stations usually don’t allow you to use BNPL to pay for gas.

Does 76 Have Its Own Payment Methods?

76 has a branded credit card that also gives you discounts at Phillips and Conoco stations, and it has a fleet card that you can use at its sister companies’ gas stations as well. The 76 credit card is issued by Comenity Bank, which also provides branded credit cards for many other stores.

What’s Another Useful Fact About 76?

76 gas stations can also perform smog tests. If you want to renew your car’s registration in California, your car may need to pass a smog test first and you can get it done at this gas station. Smog test laws were created to improve air quality in cities such as Los Angeles.

What Are 76 Alternatives That Accept Apple Pay?

ampm convenience stores are located at Arco gas stations. These are typically 24-hour stores.

Shell operates gas stations that have Food Mart convenience stores and many of them are also 24-hour stores.

Circle K operates both stand-alone convenience stores and gas stations with attached convenience stores. Some 76 gas stations have Circle K convenience stores as well, although Circle K is independent from 76 and you’ll also see its stores at other gas stations. Circle K’s stores are typically 24-hour stores.

Valero gas stations also operate throughout Southern California. These gas stations often have convenience stores that are open 24 hours as well.

7-Eleven is another major convenience store brand that operates both stand-alone convenience stores and gas stations with convenience stores. 7-Eleven stores are typically 24-hour stores as well.

Chevron gas stations are also known for selling high-quality gas. Many of them also have attached Extra Mile convenience stores.

Mobil gas stations also sell premium gasoline and many of them are located in Southern California as well.

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