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7-Eleven Payment Methods

The front of a 7-Eleven convenience store.

7-Eleven is a convenience store chain that’s best known for its slushy ice drink, the Slurpee, which is available in several flavors. It also sells packaged foods such as beef jerky, candy, and ramen noodle cups. And it also sells refrigerated foods such as sandwiches and heated foods like taquitos. It’s still a convenience store, not a traditional restaurant, but it does sell more prepared food than some other convenience stores and that’s useful to know if you’re traveling.

This retailer’s convenience stores are typically open 24 hours but may be shut down for cleaning on rare occasions. Many of its stores are stand-alone stores but it also has gas stations with attached convenience stores. Since its stores often sell both food and gasoline, they also support more payment options than other retailers. These stores are franchised, though, so individual store owners can decide what forms of payment they will accept. Here are the payment methods that you can use at 7-Eleven.

Does 7-Eleven Accept Major Credit Cards?

7-Eleven accepts accepts Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover cards. It accepts debit cards and credit cards and it also accepts cash.

It also has stores with ATM machines where you can use your debit card to withdraw cash. These ATM machines may charge higher fees than your bank but they’re convenient to use because of their locations inside the stores. Also, because 7-Eleven is a 24-hour store, you can use these ATMs at any time.

Does 7-Eleven Accept Mobile Payment Methods?

7-Eleven accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay for in-store purchases. Its stores have point-of-sale terminals that accept contactless payments. I confirmed this information by looking up the profiles of its convenience stores in my area on Apple Maps. 7-Eleven doesn’t accept PayPal for in-store purchases or online purchases, but you can load cash into your PayPal account there.

7-Eleven also has rewards apps for both the iPhone and Android phones.

Does 7-Eleven Accept International Payment Methods?

It’s very likely that this convenience store chain can accept JCB and UnionPay cards by processing them through the Discover network in the US. It’s also likely that it can accept RuPay global cards by using the same process.

Does 7-Eleven Accept EBT?

7-Eleven accepts EBT for in-store purchases of qualifying products, so you can use this payment method to buy packaged food at its stores. It doesn’t participate in the Restaurant Meals Program so you can’t use EBT to buy hot food there, but its stores do have microwaves where you can heat up food after you’ve bought it.

These microwaves could be a useful amenity if you’re traveling and don’t have access to a kitchen, or if you’re visiting a 7-Eleven late at night or early in the morning when other stores and restaurants are closed. Other convenience stores, such as Circle K, may also have in-store microwaves for their customers to use.

7-Eleven also accepts EBT for online purchases in states where it participates in the SNAP Online Purchasing Pilot program. As of January 2024, it was participating in this program in the state of Washington but not in California. This is still noteworthy because most of the program participants are traditional grocery stores and it’s rare for convenience stores to accept EBT for online purchases.

Does 7-Eleven Accept Buy Now, Pay Later?

7-Eleven doesn’t accept Klarna, Zip, Afterpay, Affirm, or Sezzle. This store might not support any BNPL apps.

Does 7-Eleven Have Its Own Payment Methods?

7-Eleven has its own reloadable prepaid debit card, Trans@ct, as well as a branded fleet card for truck drivers. Since many of its stores are in remote locations where there are no banks nearby, its stores provide financial services as well as food and gas.

What’s Another Useful Fact About 7-Eleven?

7-Eleven sells alcoholic beverages, but you might not be able to buy them at all times of day. Alcohol sales are regulated by state laws.

What 7-Eleven Alternatives Accept Apple Pay?

Circle K also operates stand-alone convenience stores and gas station/convenience store combos. And it has its own slushy drink, the Froster. Like 7-Eleven, Circle K is also a place to buy snacks when other stores are closed for the night.

Shell gas stations typically have Food Mart convenience stores attached to them.

ampm convenience stores are run by Arco and they’re located at Arco gas stations. They sell a few unique snacks that aren’t sold at other convenience stores.

Chevron gas stations frequently have Extra Mile convenience stores attached to them.

76 gas stations typically have attached convenience stores as well.

Mobil is another major gas station chain and its stations typically have convenience stores as well.

Valero gas stations are also widespread throughout Southern California and they usually have Circle K convenience stores.

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