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Ameci Payment Methods

An Ameci Italian Kitchen restaurant.

Ameci Pizza & Pasta, or Ameci Italian Kitchen, is a regional Italian restaurant that has many locations in Ventura and Los Angeles counties. It’s best known for being one of the pizzerias that serves New York-style pizza in Southern California, although it doesn’t just serve pizza. This restaurant has a relatively broad menu that includes sub sandwiches, pizza, calzone, salad, and several types of pasta. It also has relatively low prices. Anyway, here are the payment methods you can use at Ameci.

Does Ameci Accept Major Credit Cards?

Ameci accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards. It accepts both credit cards and debit cards and it also accepts cash.

Does Ameci Accept Mobile Payment Methods?

Ameci accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay at some of its restaurants, but some locations might not accept contactless payments. I checked the Apple Maps profiles for its restaurants in my area and some of the restaurants did not have contactless payment options listed. If you’re planning to use Apple Pay to order at an Ameci restaurant, you might want to look up that specific restaurant’s profile first.

Ameci also has mobile apps that support pickup and delivery orders.

Does Ameci Accept International Payment Methods?

Since Ameci accepts Discover cards, it’s likely that it can accept JCB, UnionPay, and RuPay global cards as well. Like other pizzerias and Italian restaurants, this restaurant has some vegetarian options available for travelers who don’t eat meat.

Does Ameci Accept EBT?

Ameci doesn’t accept EBT. I checked the lists of restaurants that participate in the Restaurant Meals program in Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, and Santa Barbara counties and this pizzeria didn’t appear on those lists. Pizzerias can only accept EBT if they sign up for this program.

If you’re looking for alternatives, Domino’s and Pizza Hut accept EBT at many of their Southern California restaurants. There’s also a regional restaurant called PizzaMan Dan’s that accepts this payment option at several Ventura County locations.

Does Ameci Have Its Own Payment Methods?

Ameci sells branded gift cards and you can buy them on its website. You can also buy gift cards from individual Ameci restaurants’ websites.

What’s Another Unique Fact About Ameci?

The Ameci restaurants have their own websites. While it’s common for a restaurant chain to list the address for each of its locations on its website, this is the only restaurant chain I’ve seen where individual restaurants have set up their own websites. If you’re ordering a pizza online, this could make it easier to ensure that you’re ordering a pizza from the correct location.

What Are Alternatives to Ameci That Accept Apple Pay?

Round Table Pizza is a casual-dining pizzeria that’s known for using high-quality ingredients.

Rusty’s Pizza Parlor is a pizzeria that has several locations in the Santa Barbara and Bakersfield areas.

MOD Pizza is a fast-casual pizzeria with fixed-price pizza deals where you can select multiple toppings and pay the same price.

Toppers Pizza Place is another regional pizzeria that’s popular in Ventura County and it has several locations there.

Pizza Hut is a major international pizzeria chain that has many locations in Southern California. It also has some cobranded locations that also include KFC or Taco Bell restaurants as well.

Buca Di Beppo is an Italian restaurant that can also serve as an entertaining destination for a family or a sports team. Its restaurants have unique decorations and themes.

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