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Toppers Pizza Place Payment Methods

The front of a Toppers Pizza Place restaurant.

Toppers Pizza Place is a regional pizzeria with several locations in Ventura County. It operates casual-dining restaurants that have lots of indoor seating space as well as amenities such as salad bars. Its restaurants are also open late and they have their own delivery drivers as well. Personally, I like the thin crust pizza at Toppers. But this restaurant might be best known for its honey pizzas, which are very popular locally, and that’s noteworthy because most pizzerias don’t offer honey as a topping. Toppers also serves vegetarian and vegan pizzas, and it accepts several payment methods.

Does Toppers Pizza Place Accept Major Credit Cards?

Toppers accepts debit cards and credit cards for both in-person and online orders.

Does Toppers Pizza Place Accept Mobile Payment Methods?

Toppers accepts Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay for in-store orders. Its pizzerias have point-of-sale machines that accept contactless payments, and I confirmed this by looking up the profiles of nearby Toppers locations on Apple Maps.

Toppers also has both an iPhone app and an Android app that you can use to order pizza. There are pizzerias in other regions of the US with similar names, so make sure you select the app for Toppers Pizza Place in Southern California.

Does Toppers Pizza Place Accept International Payment Methods?

It’s likely that Toppers can accept JCB cards and UnionPay cards by processing them through the Discover network. It’s also likely that Toppers can accept RuPay global cards by using the same processing method.

Does Toppers Pizza Place Accept EBT?

Toppers doesn’t accept EBT. I checked the list of restaurants that participate in the Restaurant Meals program in Ventura County and I didn’t see this restaurant on that list. I did see PizzaMan Dan’s, another regional casual-dining pizza restaurant, on that list though. And the quick-service pizza restaurant Domino’s accepts EBT at several of its restaurants in Ventura County as well. While many quick-service pizzerias accept EBT in Southern California, it’s less common for casual-dining pizzerias to accept this payment method.

Does Toppers Pizza Place Have Its Own Payment Methods?

Toppers Pizza Place sells branded gift cards. That’s noteworthy because this restaurant chain has about 10 locations right now and small restaurant chains don’t always have their own gift cards.

What’s Another Useful Fact About Toppers Pizza Place?

Toppers also serves alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine and it has wine from local wineries.

What Are Toppers Pizza Place Alternatives That Accept Apple Pay?

PizzaMan Dan’s is another local pizzeria chain with restaurants in Ventura County and Santa Barbara County. Like Toppers, it operates casual-dining restaurants that serve dine-in and delivery customers. One noteworthy thing about PizzaMan Dan’s is that you can order roasted cashews as a topping there.

Blaze Pizza is a fast-casual pizzeria chain. It’s a high-tech restaurant that gives you many ways to customize your pizza, and it serves dine-in and delivery customers as well.

Pieology is another fast-casual pizzeria that provides fixed-price menu options. It also has a few additional options for vegan and keto diets.

MOD Pizza is a fast-casual pizzeria as well. Some of its restaurants have drive-thru lanes where you can pick up your pizza.

Round Table Pizza is another casual-dining pizzeria chain with many locations in California. Its theme is based on the Knights of the Round Table from the British legend.

Rusty’s Pizza Parlor is another regional pizzeria chain that operates casual-dining restaurants in Santa Barbara and Kern County. It offers gluten-free crust as an option for its pizzas.

Shakey’s Pizza Parlor is also a casual-dining restaurant. It has video game arcades in its restaurants that provide entertainment while diners are waiting for their pizzas.

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