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Rusty’s Pizza Parlor Payment Methods

The side of a Rusty's Pizza Parlor restaurant.

Rusty’s Pizza Parlor operates pizzerias in Southern California. Its home base is Santa Barbara but it also has several restaurants in Bakersfield. These are casual-dining restaurants that have enough room inside for a group to gather. Many of Rusty’s customers are university students, so this pizzeria also stays open relatively late.

Its locations are typically open until 11 PM or midnight, and these late-night hours are convenient for students who have been visiting other venues on Santa Barbara’s main road, State Street. This restaurant is also known for its gluten-free cauliflower crust pizzas. Rusty’s is affordable, like other casual-dining pizzerias, and it accepts several payment methods.

Does Rusty’s Pizza Parlor Accept Major Credit Cards?

Rusty’s Pizza Parlor accepts debit cards and credit cards. This was confirmed by the restaurant’s Apple Maps profile.

Does Rusty’s Pizza Parlor Accept Mobile Payment Methods?

Rusty’s Pizza Parlor accepts contactless payments at its restaurants and this was also confirmed by its Apple Maps profile. That means it accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay as well as other payment methods such as Garmin Pay.

Rusty’s Pizza Parlor does not have any mobile apps, but you can still order a pizza online at its website. This is a regional pizza restaurant, so it doesn’t have as many resources available for mobile app development as national fast-food pizza restaurants.

Does Rusty’s Pizza Parlor Accept International Payment Methods?

It’s very likely that Rusty’s Pizza Parlor can accept UnionPay cards and JCB cards by processing them through the Discover network. Discover has partnerships with these Chinese and Japanese payment networks. Additionally, it’s likely that Rusty’s can accept RuPay global cards from Indian banks through the same process.

Does Rusty’s Pizza Parlor Accept EBT?

Rusty’s Pizza Parlor doesn’t accept EBT as a payment method. I checked the lists of restaurants that participate in the Restaurant Meals program in Santa Barbara County and Kern County and didn’t see this pizzeria on those lists. Restaurants have to sign up for the Restaurant Meals program to accept EBT.

There aren’t any other pizzerias that accept EBT in Santa Barbara County but some pizzerias do accept this payment method in Kern County. PizzaMan Dan’s also accepts EBT at several of its Ventura County locations.

Does Rusty’s Pizza Parlor Have Its Own Payment Methods?

Rusty’s Pizza Parlor does not have its own branded gift cards. There are several independent gift card companies that sell gift cards inspired by this pizzeria, though.

What’s Another Useful Fact About Rusty’s Pizza Parlor?

One of the Rusty’s Pizza Parlor restaurants has a lighthouse that gives it a unique appearance.

What Are Alternatives to Rusty’s Pizza Parlor That Accept Apple Pay?

Toppers Pizza Place is a regional pizzeria that specializes in thin-crust pizza. It primarily operates in Ventura County so its territory doesn’t overlap much with that of Rusty’s.

PizzaMan Dan’s is another regional pizzeria with several restaurants in Ventura County. Both Rusty’s and PizzaMan Dan’s have restaurants in Carpinteria, so they do compete in the same markets to some extent. It offers cashews as a pizza topping, which is noteworthy.

Blaze Pizza is a fast-casual pizzeria that gives you a great deal of customization options. It also has fixed-price pizza deals that allow you to select several toppings.

MOD Pizza is another fast-casual restaurant that also prepares pizza quickly and gives you lots of customization options. Some of its restaurants have drive-thru lanes as well.

Pieology is a fast-casual pizza restaurant that also gives you lots of customization options. It also has a chicken-based pizza crust for keto diets.

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