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Yum Yum Donuts Payment Methods

A Yum Yum Donuts restaurant.

If you’re looking for a donut shop that’s open 24 hours, you might want to visit Yum Yum Donuts. Many of this donut shop’s locations are always open. In addition to donuts, this Los Angeles-based donut shop also sells some other products such as breakfast sandwiches, veggie sandwiches, and blended drinks. It sells coffee as well.

This was also one of the first donut shop chains in the Los Angeles market because the market is very competitive and the major donut shop chains expanded into the region long afterward. It also has relatively low prices. Anyway, here are the payment methods you can use at Yum Yum Donuts.

Does Yum Yum Donuts Accept Major Credit Cards?

Yum Yum Donuts accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards. It accepts both credit and debit cards and it also accepts cash. While most chain restaurants accept payment cards, there are some independently owned donut shops in Los Angeles that are cash only.

Does Yum Yum Donuts Accept Mobile Payment Methods?

Yum Yum Donuts accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and other contactless payment methods at its donut shops. I confirmed this by looking up the profiles of its donut shops in my area on Apple Maps. Many of them were in the Los Angeles area but there was also a donut shop in Santa Barbara.

Yum Yum Donuts doesn’t have any mobile apps, unlike the national donut shop chains, but you can still use third-party delivery services to have donuts delivered from its shops. These delivery services typically accept a variety of payment options including mobile wallets and cash.

Does Yum Yum Donuts Accept International Payment Methods?

It’s likely that Yum Yum Donuts can accept JCB, UnionPay, and RuPay global cards because it accepts Discover cards. Again, international travelers might want to know that other independent donut shops in Los Angeles might not accept any payment cards at all.

Does Yum Yum Donuts Accept EBT?

Yum Yum Donuts doesn’t accept EBT. I looked up the lists of restaurants that participate in the Restaurant Meals program in Orange, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Diego, and Los Angeles counties and I didn’t see this donut shop on those lists. While it serves a few sandwiches, it’s still primarily a donut shop and donut shops usually don’t accept this form of payment. If you’re looking for alternatives, there are a few fast-food burger restaurants that accept EBT in Southern California that also serve donuts.

Does Yum Yum Donuts Have Its Own Payment Methods?

It’s not clear if Yum Yum Donuts has its own branded gift cards.

What’s Another Useful Fact About Yum Yum Donuts?

Some Yum Yum Donuts shops also offer free wi-fi. While this amenity is also available at other cafes and coffee shops in the Los Angeles area, many of them aren’t open 24 hours.

What Are Alternatives To Yum Yum Donuts That Accept Apple Pay?

Dunkin’ is a donut bakery and coffee shop that sells a variety of blended drinks as well as many types of donuts. Some of its restaurants also have drive-thru lanes.

Krispy Kreme is a national donut shop chain that now has some locations in Southern California.

Philz Coffee is a coffee shop that has several locations in upscale Southern California neighborhoods and it also sells donuts.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is a cafe that sells a variety of coffee and tea drinks and it also sells some sweet pastries as well.

Peet’s is another cafe that’s best known for its coffee and it also sells some pastries and baked goods. You can also buy its coffee beans at grocery stores.

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