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Philz Coffee Payment Methods

A Philz Coffee shop.

Philz Coffee is a coffee-shop chain from San Francisco that has now expanded into the Los Angeles area. Like other coffee shops, it also serves tea and it sells packaged tea and coffee beans as well. It offers a wide selection of coffee bean blends at its shops and many of these blends have creative names. And while some of its competitors’ blends are available at grocery stores as well, I haven’t seen any grocery stores that stock coffee beans from this coffee shop yet.

Like other coffee shops, Philz Coffee has outdoor seating areas at many of its locations and sometimes it hosts live music events as well. Valet parking is also available at some of its coffee shops. Philz Coffee is also independently owned and isn’t a subsidiary of any other coffee shop chain, which is noteworthy because several of its competitors are owned by the same holding company. Here are the payment methods that you can use at this coffee shop.

Does Philz Coffee Accept Major Credit Cards?

Philz Coffee accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards. It accepts both debit cards and credit cards.

Does Philz Coffee Accept Mobile Payment Methods?

Philz Coffee accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and other contactless payment methods at its coffee shops. I confirmed this by looking up the profiles of its coffee shops in my area on Apple Maps.

Philz Coffee also has an iPhone app and an Android app and its iPhone app supports Apple Pay.

Does Philz Coffee Accept International Payment Methods?

Since Philz Coffee accepts Discover cards, it’s likely that it can accept JCB and UnionPay cards by processing them through the Discover network. This coffee shop can also use the same process to accept RuPay global cards.

Does Philz Coffee Accept EBT?

Philz Coffee doesn’t accept EBT. I didn’t see this coffee shop on the lists of restaurants that participate in the Restaurant Meals program and restaurants have to sign up for that program to accept EBT. This isn’t unusual, though, because other coffee shops such as Peet’s and the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf don’t accept this payment method either.

If you’re looking for a way to use EBT at a coffee shop, some grocery stores have pop-up coffee shops inside them. If the grocery store can accept EBT then its pop-up coffee shop can accept EBT as well, and most grocery stores accept this payment method. But grocery stores don’t participate in the Restaurant Meals program so you might not be able to buy certain products at their coffee shops.

Does Philz Coffee Have Its Own Payment Methods?

Philz Coffee also sells gift cards. If your gift card has a low balance, you can still use it to order coffee at this coffee shop by selecting a credit card as your second payment method.

What’s Another Useful Fact About Philz Coffee?

Philz Coffee also has donuts and pastries. This is noteworthy because some coffee shops don’t have donuts, although they usually do have some pastries.

What Are Alternatives to Philz Coffee That Accept Apple Pay?

Starbucks is a cafe that serves a wide variety of blended drinks and it also serves sandwiches and pastries. It also has a lot of locations, including pop-up cafes inside grocery stores.

Peet’s is a coffee and tea shop that also sells a large number of packaged coffee bean blends. You can buy its coffee blends at grocery stores as well and it also makes K-cups.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is another coffee and tea shop that has outdoor seating areas at many of its locations.

Le Pain Quotidien is a bakery-cafe. Like Philz Coffee, it operates cafes in upscale neighborhoods and doesn’t have as many locations as some of its competitors.

Noah’s Bagels is a bagel bakery but its restaurants also have indoor dining areas and they sell coffee as well.

Dunkin’ is best known for its donuts and it also sells coffee and blended coffee beverages. Many other coffee shops don’t sell donuts but Philz and Dunkin’ both sell them.

Krispy Kreme is another donut shop that also sells coffee and blended drinks. It’s a national chain that has some locations in Southern California.

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