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Sharky’s Payment Methods

The front of a Sharky's restaurant.

Sharky’s is a fast-casual Mexican restaurant that serves burritos, tacos, food plates, and other entrees. It also serves sides such as guacamole and chips. Its restaurants have salsa bars where you can fill up cups of fresh salsa to add more flavor to your meal, and they also have outdoor dining areas. They don’t have drive-thru lanes, though, but that’s normal for fast-casual restaurants. One noteworthy thing about Sharky’s is that it serves several tofu-based entrees in addition to meat-based dishes.

Sharky’s is very similar to Chipotle but there are a few differences between these restaurants. Sharky’s is a made-to-order restaurant so it prepares your meal after you order it while Chipotle is a cafeteria-style restaurant. Chipotle also serves Sofritas as its plant-based protein while Sharky’s serves organic tofu. Both of these restaurants are very popular in Southern California, so if you like one you’ll probably like the other one as well. Anyway, here are the payment methods that Sharky’s accepts.

Does Sharky’s Accept Major Credit Cards?

Sharky’s accepts American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards. It also accepts Diner’s Club cards. This information was confirmed by the restaurant’s window sticker. This restaurant also accepts cash.

Does Sharky’s Accept Mobile Payment Methods?

Sharky’s accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and other contactless payment methods at its restaurants. I confirmed this information by looking up the profiles of its restaurants in my area on Apple Maps.

Sharky’s has rewards apps in the Apple App store and the Google Play store as well. You can use these apps to participate in the restaurant’s rewards program and you can also use them to order food before you arrive. It may take a few minutes for Sharky’s kitchen to prepare your order, so if you’re in a hurry you can use these mobile apps to order ahead so your meal is ready when you arrive.

Sharky's accepted payment methods sticker.
Photo: Eric Novinson/ This Is Accounting Automation

Does Sharky’s Accept International Payment Methods?

Sharky’s accepts JCB and since it accepts JCB and Discover it’s likely that it can accept UnionPay and RuPay global cards as well. Again, tourists might want to know that this restaurant offers several vegetarian and vegan entrees.

Does Sharky’s Accept EBT?

Sharky’s doesn’t accept EBT at its Southern California restaurants. I checked the lists of restaurants that participate in the Restaurant Meals program in several counties and did not see this restaurant on those lists. That’s not unusual, though, because Sharky’s is a fast-casual restaurant and other fast-casual Mexican restaurants usually don’t accept this form of payment either.

If you’re looking for an alternative, El Pollo Loco and Del Taco accept EBT at many of their Southern California restaurants. There are also several fast-food burger restaurants in Southern California, such as Jack in the Box, that have some Mexican entrees on their menus and accept this payment option.

Does Sharky’s Offer Its Own Payment Methods?

Sharky’s sells gift cards and has its own rewards program.

What’s Another Useful Fact About Sharky’s?

Sharky’s isn’t a full-service restaurant, it’s a fast-casual restaurant, but if you’re dining there its employees will bring your order to your table.

What Are Sharky’s Alternatives That Accept Apple Pay?

Rubio’s also has salsa bars inside its restaurants where you can pick up fresh salsa. Rubio’s is more of a seafood restaurant with entrees like fish, lobster, and shrimp tacos. Sharky’s offers more choices for customers who don’t eat meat. I’d also consider Rubio’s to be a fast-casual restaurant.

Chipotle is a fast-casual Mexican restaurant that uses a cafeteria-style meal preparation process that allows it to prepare entrees more quickly than many other restaurants. It also has drive-thru lanes where you can pick up your order at some locations.

Baja Fresh is another fast-casual Mexican restaurant with many locations in Southern California. Its restaurants don’t have drive-thru lanes. Baja Fresh sells burritos, tacos, and other Mexican entrees and it has vegetarian entrees as well. Its restaurants also have salsa bars.

El Pollo Loco is more of a quick-service restaurant than either Sharky’s or Rubio’s, and many of its restaurants have drive-thru lanes and are open late at night. Its specialty is grilled chicken.

Del Taco is another Mexican quick-service restaurant. Many of its restaurants also have drive-thru lanes and are open late at night, and some of them are open 24 hours. And Del Taco serves french fries.

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