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Domino’s Pizza Payment Methods

A Domino's pizzeria.

Domino’s Pizza, or Domino’s, is a high-tech pizza restaurant. One of its high-tech features is its order tracker that tells you how long your pizza will take to arrive if you’ve ordered a delivery. Domino’s frequently operates small restaurants inside strip malls that primarily prepare delivery orders, although you can go to its restaurants in person to pick up your order as well. These restaurants are often open late at night so you can visit Domino’s to pick up a pizza when other restaurants are closed. In my area, Domino’s restaurants are frequently open until midnight.

Domino’s is a quick-service restaurant so it has relatively low prices and a focus on preparing orders quickly. It also has its own delivery vehicles so it can deliver pizzas quickly as well. Some pizzerias rely on third-party delivery services because they don’t have their own delivery fleets. You can order a pizza from Domino’s by visiting its website, using its apps, or visiting its restaurants in person. Here are the payment methods that Domino’s accepts.

Does Domino’s Accept Major Credit Cards?

Domino’s accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards. It accepts both debit cards and credit cards.

Domino’s restaurants also accept cash. Some of them may accept $50 and $100 bills, although this decision is up to the individual franchise owner. Some owners may also post signs that say they don’t accept large bills. Additionally, Domino’s restaurants don’t keep much cash outside of their safes so they may not be able to break a large bill.

As for delivery orders, it’s unlikely that a Domino’s driver would have enough change to break a large bill. Drivers carry about $20 in change so it would only make sense for them to accept a $100 if you were spending more than $80 on pizza.

Does Domino’s Accept Mobile Payment Methods?

Domino’s accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and other contactless payment methods for orders at its restaurants. I confirmed this information by checking the Apple Maps profiles of several Domino’s restaurants in my area. Domino’s is a popular restaurant and it has many locations in Southern California.

Additionally, Domino’s has both a Google Play app and an Apple Store app so you can also order a pizza for delivery with its apps. These apps are very popular, and that’s important because this pizzeria prepares a lot of delivery orders. Domino’s also accepts Apple Pay and PayPal for online orders.

Does Domino’s Accept International Payment Methods?

Since Domino’s accepts Discover cards, it’s likely that it can also accept JCB, UnionPay, and RuPay global cards.

Does Domino’s Accept EBT?

Many Domino’s restaurants in Southern California accept EBT. I checked the lists of Restaurant Meals program participants in Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, and San Diego counties and there were many Domino’s restaurants on those lists. Restaurants have to sign up for this program to accept EBT. Other quick-service pizzerias frequently accept this payment method as well, but casual-dining and fast-casual pizzerias are less likely to accept it.

Domino’s only accepts EBT if you order at its restaurants so you can’t use EBT to pay for a delivery order. It accepts EBT at many locations in Southern California, though, so if you live in a city one of its restaurants may be within walking distance.

Does Domino’s Have Its Own Payment Methods?

Domino’s sells branded gift cards that you can use for in-store or online orders. You can also split payments between gift cards and other forms of payment for both in-store and online orders.

What’s Another Useful Fact About Domino’s?

Domino’s also sells loaded tots, which are tater tots topped with cheese and other ingredients.

What Are Domino’s Alternatives That Accept Apple Pay?

Pizza Hut is Domino’s main competitor and like Domino’s it has affordable prices. It also operates some co-branded locations with its sister company KFC and these co-branded restaurants serve many more chicken entrees than other pizzerias.

Little Caesars is another major pizzeria chain that’s famous for its Caesar mascot. Its restaurants are designed to be places where you can pick up a pizza to go. You can also do this at Domino’s, of course.

Papa Johns is a major pizza chain that’s known for using high quality ingredients and it also prepares lots of delivery orders.

Marco’s Pizza is another major pizzeria that uses high-quality ingredients and it has its own delivery drivers as well.

Round Table Pizza has many locations in Southern California. It’s a casual-dining chain so its restaurants have additional amenities for diners and it delivers pizza as well.

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