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Does Food 4 Less Provide Financial Services?

A Food 4 Less grocery store.

Food 4 Less operates warehouse grocery stores where you can buy Kroger’s private label groceries for low prices but these stores don’t just sell food. You can go there to use their financial services as well, which could be useful if you don’t have a bank account. Like other Kroger stores, these supermarkets are places where you can pay your utility bills and buy money orders. Here are the financial services that are available at Food 4 Less.

Does Food 4 Less Cash Checks?

Food 4 Less cashes checks such as government checks and payroll checks. Like other Kroger stores, its stores have money centers where you can receive cash for your check. These money centers are usually located at the front of the supermarket and are separate from the other checkout lanes. Kroger typically charges a fee of $4.50 for its check cashing service if you have a loyalty card, which is worth getting because it also gives you a discount on groceries. You can also cash checks at other supermarkets such as WinCo and Stater Bros.

Does Food 4 Less Sell Money Orders?

Food 4 Less also sells money orders. It has a partnership with the money transmission service Western Union and this service is also available at the service desk at the store’s money center. Again, if you have a loyalty card you will receive a small discount when you buy a money order at this supermarket. Expect to pay a fee of around a dollar to buy a money order. Like many other supermarkets, Food 4 Less doesn’t cash money orders but you can cash money orders at the service desk at Walmart.

Can You Send or Receive Money at Food 4 Less?

You can also send money transfers and receive them at Food 4 Less money centers. It has partnerships with both Western Union and Ria. Both of these money transmission companies can help you send money to international destinations as well as domestic destinations and are frequently used for sending remittances. It’s noteworthy that Food 4 Less has partnerships with two money transfer services because some supermarkets only have one partner that provides this service. Again, these services are also available at other grocery stores with low prices such as Walmart and Superior Grocers.

Can You Reload Prepaid Cards at Food 4 Less?

You can also reload prepaid cards such as Chime and Cash App cards at Food 4 Less supermarkets. Again, the card reload service is available at the money center in the front of the store. You usually reload a prepaid card by paying cash to the employee at the store’s service center desk but Food 4 Less does allow you to reload some debit cards online as well. This is noteworthy because many supermarkets only allow you to reload prepaid cards with cash and that can’t be done online. Like other supermarkets, Food 4 Less also sells a variety of prepaid cards.

Can You Pay Utility Bills at Food 4 Less?

You can also pay your utility bills at Food 4 Less, which might be useful to know if you don’t have a regular bank account but need to pay your gas or electricity bill. Western Union’s bill payment service is also available at this supermarket’s money centers. Some grocery stores have partnerships with the bill payment app PayNearMe instead but this specific service might not be available at this supermarket. You can also pay utility bills at other grocery stores such as Stater Bros as well as some convenience stores such as 7-Eleven.

What Food 4 Less Alternatives Also Provide Financial Services?

Superior Grocers is another supermarket that has low prices as well as service desks at the front of its stores that sell money orders, cash checks, and provide other services. It offers free check-cashing.

WinCo is another warehouse-style grocery store that provides several financial services and sells groceries for low prices.

Stater Bros is known for its low meat prices and its supermarkets also provide several financial services to their customers.


Food 4 Less can serve as a useful alternative to a bank branch. It provides all of the most common financial services that retail stores offer and it has partnerships with multiple financial service providers. Since it’s a Kroger store, it’s also likely that it has higher transaction limits than many other retail stores. If you plan to use Food 4 Less’ financial services, you should pick up a loyalty card first so you can get discounts on the fees the store charges for these services. Other discount grocery stores frequently provide financial services as well but there are still a few stores that don’t offer them.

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