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Does Superior Grocers Provide Financial Services?

The front of a Superior Grocers store.

Superior Grocers sells low-cost produce as well as freshly made salsa and tortilla chips, but those aren’t the only things it offers. This supermarket provides several financial services to its customers as well. If you don’t have a traditional bank account and are using prepaid cards for financial transactions, you might find these services very useful. Like other supermarkets, this store provides financial and banking services at the customer service desks in the front sections of its stores. Here are the financial services that are available at Superior Grocers.

Does Superior Grocers Cash Checks?

Superior Grocers cashes checks such as payroll checks and government checks. It’s noteworthy that it doesn’t charge any fees to cash payroll checks because other supermarkets, including Walmart and Food 4 Less, typically do charge fees for their check-cashing services. WinCo also offers check-cashing with a unique token system that makes check-cashing free if you buy groceries at its stores but very expensive if you don’t buy groceries.

Does Superior Grocers Sell Money Orders?

Superior Grocers sells money orders but might not cash them. Like many other supermarkets, it has a partnership with the money order provider MoneyGram so you can buy money orders at its customer service desks. Expect to pay a small fee to buy a money order there. As always, you should remember that the customer service desks may close while the supermarket is still open if you visit the supermarket late at night.

Can You Send or Receive Money at Superior Grocers?

You can also send and receive money transfers at Superior Grocers stores. Again, it has a partnership with MoneyGram and this service also provides money transfers. This supermarket also provides Ria money transfer services at its service desks and you can use Ria to send remittances to international destinations. It’s noteworthy that this store has partnerships with two money transfer services. Some supermarkets only have a partnership with a single money transfer service.

Can You Reload Prepaid Cards at Superior Grocers?

You can also reload prepaid cards from apps like NetSpend and Chime at the Superior Grocers service desks. You should bring your ID with you and expect to pay a small fee to reload a prepaid card there. Many other discount supermarkets will allow you to reload prepaid cards at their customer service desks as well.

Does Superior Grocers Offer Utility Bill Payment?

You can also pay utility bills such as your water bill or gas bill at Superior Grocers. Utility bill payment is another service that’s available at its in-store customer service desks. You should bring a bill stub with you if you plan to use this service, as well as your ID. And again, the bill payment service might not be available if you visit the store late at night even if the store is still open. This is also true at other stores like Circle K and Ralphs, though.

What Are Superior Grocers Alternatives That Provide Financial Services?

Foods Co is a warehouse-style grocery store that provides several financial services at its in-store customer service desks. It’s a Kroger store and these services are also available at other Kroger stores.

WinCo is another supermarket where you can cash checks for free if you’re also buying groceries. But if you don’t buy groceries there, you’ll pay a high fee for its check-cashing service because of the way its token system works.

Vallarta also operates supermarkets that provide services such as money transfers and utility bill payments. Like other stores, it has customer-service booths inside its stores that provide these services.


Superior Grocers can serve as an alternative to a bank branch if you don’t have a bank account. It provides all of the important financial services that supermarkets offer and it’s also noteworthy that it offers a free payroll check-cashing service. Other grocery stores usually won’t cash payroll checks for free. And while many other supermarkets offer financial services as well, there are also a few discount grocery store chains in Los Angeles that are also known for low prices but don’t provide additional financial services.

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