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Does Chevron Provide Financial Services?

A Chevron gas station with an Extra Mile convenience store.

Chevron is known for its high-quality gasoline and you can also buy snacks, coffee, and soft drinks at its Extra Mile stores, but some gas stations also provide financial services as well. So I decided to check if any financial services were available at this company’s gas stations. One important factor to consider here is that Chevron’s gas stations and their Extra Mile stores are typically franchised businesses and the franchise owner can decide which financial services to offer. Here are the financial services that are available at Chevron stations.

Does Chevron Cash Checks?

Check-cashing services are available at some Chevron stations but not all of them. The individual store owner decides whether to accept checks and cash them. This policy also applies to Chevron’s subsidiary Texaco, which may also cash checks if the individual Texaco store owner is willing to offer this service. Many Chevron stations have convenience stores that are open 24 hours so this might be useful to know if you need to cash a check late at night. Other gas stations that sell premium fuel and rely on the franchise model may offer check-cashing services at some, but not all, locations as well.

Does Chevron Sell Money Orders?

Chevron doesn’t sell money orders and it doesn’t cash money orders either. It doesn’t have partnerships with Western Union or MoneyGram, the two main money order providers for retail stores. While you can buy money orders at Circle K and 7-Eleven convenience stores and many of these stores also have attached gas stations, it’s less common for other gas stations to sell them.

Can You Send or Receive Money at Chevron?

You can’t use money transfers to send or receive money at Chevron gas stations either. Again, this gas station doesn’t have partnerships with the main money transfer services, Western Union and MoneyGram. It doesn’t have a partnership with Ria, a service that’s frequently used to send remittances, either. If you’re looking for an alternative, some grocery stores such as Food 4 Less sell gas and provide money transfer services.

Can You Reload Prepaid Cards at Chevron?

Chevron gas stations may allow you to use cash to reload prepaid cards, such as Chime or Cash App cards. Again, this service might not be available at every Chevron station. If it is available, it’s likely that it will be available at a separate kiosk or service desk where you can hand cash over to the cashier. Gas station pumps usually do not accept cash as a form of payment so you can’t reload a prepaid card with cash at the pump.

Can You Pay Your Bills at Chevron?

Chevron doesn’t offer any bill payment services. It doesn’t have partnerships with the money transmission apps or bill payment apps that provide these services. If you’re looking for an alternative, 7-Eleven and Circle K both have locations where you can buy gas and pay your utility bills and some discount grocery stores offer both of these services as well.

What Are Chevron Alternatives That Provide Financial Services?

Circle K convenience stores provide several financial and banking services such as money transfers and bill payment. They’re frequently attached to gas stations as well.

7-Eleven also provides several financial services at its in-store kiosks including check cashing and money transfers. Many of its convenience stores are also attached to gas stations.

Food 4 Less is a warehouse-style supermarket that provides several financial services at its in-store service desks. Unlike many other supermarkets, it has gas stations at many locations as well.


Chevron may provide an alternative to a bank branch if you need to reload a prepaid card or cash a check but this depends on the policies of the individual gas station you’re visiting. If you do plan to visit a Chevron to use its financial services, you should contact the gas station first to see what services are available there. It would probably be a better plan to visit a convenience store that’s more specialized in this area, such as 7-Eleven or Circle K, though.

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