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Black Bear Diner Payment Methods

A Black Bear Diner sign on top of two poles above a parking lot, surrounded by palm trees.

The Black Bear Diner is a casual restaurant that serves American-style food. It offers full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. You can order breakfast classics such as pancakes, omelets, and waffles here. You can also order a hamburger and french fries or chicken-fried steak with mashed potatoes. This is a California-based restaurant so it also serves specialties like avocado toast and taco salad. And this restaurant’s menu items are available all day, so you can order pancakes for dinner there if you want.

The Black Bear Diner doesn’t stay open all night like Denny’s does, but many of its diners do stay open until 10 PM. This is a fairly large restaurant with a sizable indoor and outdoor seating area. It serves a wide variety of beverages and provides table service as well. Like other casual-dining restaurants, the Black Bear Diner is affordable but its prices are still higher than those of fast-food restaurants. This is a restaurant that you might want to visit for a special occasion.

Does the Black Bear Diner Accept Major Credit Cards?

The Black Bear Diner accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards. This was confirmed by the accepted payments sticker on the restaurant’s front window.

Does the Black Bear Diner Accept Mobile Payment Methods?

The Black Bear Diner accepts Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay. The diner had both a Google Pay and a contactless payments sticker on its window and those stickers confirm that it can accept other contactless payment methods.

The Black Bear Diner also has both an iPhone app and an Android app, and you can use these apps to make pickup or dine-in orders. This is a casual-dining restaurant, so it may take some time for the restaurant to prepare your meal. If you’re in a hurry, you might want to use these apps to order ahead.

A Black Bear Diner's front window with accepted payment method stickers.
Photo: Eric Novinson/This Is Accounting Automation

Does the Black Bear Diner Accept International Payment Methods?

The Black Bear Diner accepts UnionPay and this was also confirmed by the accepted payments sticker in the diner’s window. Because this diner accepts Discover and UnionPay, it can also accept JCB cards from Japanese banks and RuPay global cards from Indian banks.

Does the Black Bear Diner Accept EBT?

The Black Bear Diner doesn’t accept EBT at its Southern California restaurants. I checked the lists of Restaurant Meals program participants in Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, San Diego, and San Bernardino counties and didn’t see this restaurant on those lists. Most diners don’t accept EBT either, so this isn’t unusual. However, the diner Denny’s does accept this payment method at many of its restaurants in Southern California.

Does the Black Bear Diner Accept Other Payment Methods?

The Black Bear Diner sells gift cards, including e-gift cards. You can check your gift card balance on the Black Bear Diner’s website. Remember that you can ask the restaurant to refund your balance if it’s below $10, and that’s relevant for this restaurant because a typical meal there will cost more than $10.

What’s Another Useful Fact About The Black Bear Diner?

The Black Bear Diner doesn’t serve alcoholic beverages.

What Alternatives to the Black Bear Diner Accept Apple Pay?

IHOP might sound like a restaurant you’d visit for breakfast because its specialty is pancakes. But IHOP also serves a wide variety of entrees for lunch and dinner, and it also serves breakfast all day like the Black Bear Diner. The IHOP I visited didn’t have outdoor seating and the Black Bear Diner did, though.

Denny’s is another casual-dining restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Again, the main appeal of Denny’s is that it operates restaurants that are open 24/7. If you want to hang out with your friends after a late-night event, Denny’s is a popular destination.

Another Broken Egg Cafe is a diner that’s open for breakfast and lunch but not dinner. Many of its specialties are egg-based dishes such as omelets.

First Watch is a cafe that’s also only open for breakfast and lunch. It doesn’t have locations in Southern California right now, but it has several restaurants in Arizona.

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