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What Financial Services Are Available at the Post Office?

A Post Office storefront in a strip mall.

The US Post Office is a place where you can send mail and pick up mail that others have sent to your post office box, but it also provides several other services. For example, you can buy stamps and envelopes there. Additionally, the Post Office also provides a few banking services that could be useful if you don’t have a checking account at a local bank. Here are the financial services that are available at the Post Office.

Does the Post Office Cash Checks?

The Post Office introduced a check-cashing service in a few locations on the East Coast in 2021. This was a trial project so depending on the results from this experiment, the organization could expand this program to post offices in other parts of the country. But check-cashing services might not be available at all of its locations yet.

In locations where this service is available, the value of the check will be added to a prepaid debit card, which is standard practice at convenience stores that don’t carry high cash reserves. Supermarkets such as Walmart and Ralphs can pay out cash when you cash a check there, though.

Does the Post Office Sell Money Orders?

The Post Office sells money orders and it also cashes money orders. Unlike grocery stores and supermarkets, the Post Office issues its own money orders and doesn’t have partnerships with third-party money order companies. Since it’s a government agency, its postal money orders are considered as good as cash. Many other stores provide this service through partnerships with the financial services provider MoneyGram instead.

Can You Send or Receive Money at the Post Office?

You can also use wire transfers to send money at the Post Office. Again, the Post Office has its own money transfer service called Sure Money, or Dinero Seguro in Spanish, and it has offered this service since 1996. With Sure Money, you can send a wire transfer worth up to $1,500 to a domestic or international destination, so this service can be used to send remittances. Other stores that provide these services often have partnerships with Western Union or Ria.

Can You Reload Prepaid Cards at the Post Office?

The Post Office accepts cash and provides several financial services so it’s very likely that it can reload prepaid cards for you as well, but this isn’t confirmed. One reason why I’m uncertain about this is that unlike other organizations, the Post Office provides financial services itself instead of relying on third-party financial institutions that provide similar services at many stores. There are many stores, such as 7-Eleven and Walgreens, that will also reload prepaid debit cards for you.

Can You Pay Utility Bills at the Post Office?

You can also pay your utility bills at the Post Office. Again, the Post Office provides its bill payment services directly and doesn’t provide this service through a partnership with another company such as Western Union or PayNearMe.

What Are Post Office Alternatives That Provide Financial Services?

Walgreens provides a few financial services and also serves as a package delivery and pickup hub for its customers. It has a partnership with the delivery service FedEx as well as the money transmitter service Western Union.

CVS is another drugstore that provides both package delivery services and financial services. It has a partnership with UPS.


The Post Office provides most of the important financial services that are typically available at supermarkets, drugstores, and convenience stores so it could serve as an alternative to a bank branch. Unlike many other stores, it cashes money orders, which is relatively uncommon. Another benefit of using the Post Office’s financial services is that this government institution is considered more trustworthy and reliable than other fintechs and financial service providers. But one drawback is that its check-cashing service might not be available at your local Post Office yet unless you live in a few specific regions on the East Coast.

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