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Stores Like World Market

A World Market store.

You can redecorate your house in an unique style with the specialty imported products from this household goods store. World Market’s merchandise includes containers, furniture, rugs, and other decorative and functional household items. It sells food products like hot sauces and jellies as well so it’s also a good place to pick up seasonings that may not be available at grocery stores in your area. I don’t consider it a grocery store but some shoppers do. Anyway, here are some more stores that are similar to World Market.


Another place where you can pick up stylish decorations for your home, HomeGoods is an off-price store that’s known for its affordable prices. It also sells appliances such as vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, and ovens. It would be a good place to visit if you’re looking for an appliance and want to pay less than you’d pay at other department stores. Like World Market, HomeGoods sells a few snacks such as coffee and popcorn but isn’t really a grocery store.

HomeGoods and World Market carry similar merchandise but World Market is also known for stocking lots of imported products, including snacks and seasonings, that other off-price and discount stores don’t carry.


This big-box discount store is more focused on fashion than many of its competitors and this focus carries over to its household goods departments as well. You can buy products like lamps, towels, curtains, and bed sheets at Target for relatively low prices. This store also sells containers and appliances and has several clothing departments. Again, Target and HomeGoods carry many products in the same categories. Target does sell more groceries than other household goods stores, though, and it can serve as a grocery store.

Target is also a good choice for household goods but it’s also focused on the American market and might not sell some of the specialty products that are available at World Market.

Trader Joe’s

Many shoppers also visit Trader Joe’s to try out imported sauces and flavorings. While Trader Joe’s is a grocery store and not a home goods store like World Market, if you’re shopping for lesser-known sauces or seasonings you could find them at either store. Both of these stores are also eclectic discount stores that appeal to shoppers who want to try things that are off the beaten path. World Market is more likely to carry branded imported products while Trader Joe’s primarily sells its own private-label seasonings.

World Market and Trader Joe’s are in different niches so the choice between these stores also depends on whether you’d rather go to a home goods store or a grocery store.

Vallarta Supermarkets

If you’re interested in hot sauce or Hispanic food, this Mexican supermarket carries lots of imported food products. Again, like Trader Joe’s, Vallarta is a grocery store so it also stocks many other food products but may not carry some other household goods. Unlike many other grocery stores, Vallarta also has several pop-up restaurants in its stores that sell prepared food and it even has indoor dining areas.

Again, I’m including Vallarta here because many shoppers like to go to World Market to buy sauces and seasonings there. Like Trader Joe’s, Vallarta is considered a grocery store and not a home goods store.

Big Lots

The big-box discount store Big Lots also stocks a wide variety of merchandise including packaged food, containers, household decorations, and furniture. It’s positioned as more of a discount store than a store that carries unique imported goods like World Market. While World Market was originally called Cost Plus World Market and was positioned as a discount store that specialized in imported goods, it no longer uses its original pricing model and has become more upscale.

The choice between Big Lots and World Market might depend on whether you’re trying to save money on household goods or whether your main goal is finding unique decorations and foods that are hard to find elsewhere.


While Aldi is known for low prices, it’s also a German company that carries some specialty European imported foods that might be hard to find elsewhere in Southern California. And while it’s primarily a grocery store, it also sells household goods as well. You can buy clothing, household decorations, appliances, and camping supplies at this supermarket. These products also cost less than they’d cost at traditional department stores.

You should know that Aldi sells private-label products, though, so if you’re looking for a specific brand World Market would be much more likely to stock it. Many people go to World Market to find specific food brands that they fondly remember from international trips.

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