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Stores Like Talbots

The side of a Talbots department store.

There are lots of mall clothing stores that sell low-cost, fashionable clothing for girls to wear. Talbots is an alternative to these stores. You could think of it as the store that sells clothing for the moms of the girls who shop at the other stores in the mall. Talbots sells comfortable, well-made clothing and typically places its stores in upscale neighborhoods. It’s also known for the bright red doors on the front of its stores. Here are some other stores that are similar to Talbots.


You can also buy well-made, premium clothing at Anthropologie. Like Talbots, it has placed many of its stores in upscale Southern California neighborhoods. This store also sells tableware, decorations, storage containers, and other household goods in addition to clothing. It has a subsidiary that sells wedding dresses as well.

In short, this is another good store to visit if you want to buy higher quality clothing than the merchandise that’s available at other mall stores. You might have to travel to get to one of its stores, though.

Banana Republic

Named after a controversial form of government, this store’s merchandise is designed to invoke a spirit of adventure. You can buy weather-resistant jackets and other outdoor gear there. Banana Republic sells men’s clothing as well as women’s clothing but it’s still popular with many of the older, wealthier shoppers who like to shop at Talbots. This store also sells clothing and accessories made with premium materials.

J. Jill

This is another popular women’s clothing store that has locations in upscale malls. Like Talbots, it sells comfortable clothing and also has petite clothing in stock. Sometimes discount department stores only carry common clothing sizes so they can keep their prices low, so if you buy clothing from these stores you might have to get it tailored before you wear it. If you visit a premium store like J. Jill or Talbots instead, you won’t have to do that.


If you’re looking for premium clothing, Nordstrom is more upscale than other department stores and it carries clothing made by prominent designers. You can also buy accessories such as handbags, purses, and jewelry there. Like Talbots, Nordstrom typically places its stores in upscale neighborhoods and you might need to drive for a bit to get to one of its stores. Both Nordstrom and Talbots have outlet stores as well if you’re shopping with a lower budget.

Nordstrom isn’t as specialized as other stores that primarily sell clothing for women over 40, but it’s still popular with that customer base.


You can also buy comfortable and fashionable clothing at this women’s clothing store. Chico’s also carries clothing in a variety of sizes and is popular with moms. You can also buy shoes and jewelry there. Like Talbots, this store is popular with shoppers who want to try on clothing in person instead of ordering it out of a catalog. Several of the most popular retailers that sell clothing for women over 40 are online stores, but this website is about places where you can shop in person and examine the merchandise.


This department store also sells lots of clothing that’s popular with women over 40, although it also sells clothing for younger women and it sells men’s clothing and children’s clothing as well. It’s a traditional department store so it has higher prices than discount stores but lower prices than luxury stores. Unlike several of the other stores I’ve mentioned here, Macy’s also has a lot of locations in Southern California. If you live in a city it’s likely that Macy’s will have a store at a nearby mall but there might not be a Talbots there.

You can also buy jewelry, perfume, shoes, and many other products at Macy’s. It has a lot of mall anchor stores that have multiple floors so its stores have lots of space to store inventory.

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