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Stores Like Ross

The front of a Ross store.

It can be fun to visit a Ross store to see what you’ll find there. Unlike other retailers, Ross doesn’t have an online store and its inventory varies depending on what its buyers found. Sometimes you might find fashionable clothing for very low prices there if you’re willing to look around in the store. Of course, the treasure hunt is part of the experience at this department store. If you enjoy the shopping experience at Ross, here are some more stores where you can also find some bargains.

Buffalo Exchange

The vintage store Buffalo Exchange may also have fashionable clothing in stock for very low prices. The main difference between Ross and Buffalo Exchange is that Ross sells new clothing while Buffalo Exchange mostly sells used clothing. Buffalo Exchange’s inventory also varies by location because it depends on what other customers have sold to the store. Fortunately, many of its customers are artists and hipsters who tend to have good taste in clothing.

If you’re looking for retro clothing such as old band T-shirts, Buffalo Exchange may sell clothing that hasn’t been available at other discount department stores for a very long time.

T.J. Maxx

You can also buy fashionable clothing for low prices at T.J. Maxx, and many of the shoppers who visit Ross to go on treasure hunts also like to shop at T.J. Maxx as well. Again, both stores’ inventory depends on what their buyers found recently and they have similar business models so it makes sense to visit both stores. T.J. Maxx also sells other merchandise like perfume, skincare products, and jewelry.

In my opinion, T.J. Maxx is more focused on fashion than other discount department stores that are more focused on price. It also carries more traditional department store merchandise in addition to clothing.


The thrift store Goodwill sells clothing and other merchandise that was donated by its customers. Again, this means that its inventory varies and a store in an upscale suburb may carry more premium clothing and accessories than a store in another location. Goodwill also sells used clothing, unlike Ross. Another important thing to know about Goodwill is that you can get a tax break by donating clothing you no longer want to the store.

You can also find retro and vintage clothing at Goodwill as well as appliances and household goods that are no longer manufactured. These products were often made to last, unlike modern products that are often designed to be disposable, and that’s another reason why shopping at Goodwill is popular.

Old Navy

Another prominent discount department store, Old Navy sells lots of denim clothing. If you like blue jeans, you’ll like this store. While many other discount department stores sell denim clothing and may have a few racks of jeans in their stores, Old Navy is likely to offer a larger selection in this category. It doesn’t just sell blue jeans, though, and you can also buy other casual clothing outfits there.

As far as I know, Ross doesn’t specialize in any particular type of clothing and its specialty is the shopping experience itself. So the main reason to go to Old Navy instead of Ross would be to shop for blue jeans.


dd’s DISCOUNTS, or dd’s, is Ross’ outlet store. It’s for shoppers who want to save even more money on clothing than they can at Ross. Aside from that, dd’s is a family-friendly clothing store that has multiple departments and also sells children’s clothing, toys, and electronic media such as DVDs. Like Ross, this outlet store doesn’t sell clothing online and shopping there is also like going on a treasure hunt.

While Ross has relatively low prices for a department store, if you have a very limited budget you might want to shop at this store instead. It’s also noteworthy that Ross has an outlet store because I haven’t seen any other discount department stores with outlet stores. Outlet stores are more common for upscale department stores like Nordstrom and Talbots.


You can also find fashionable clothing for low prices at the off-price store Marshalls. Its store inventory may vary depending on what its buyers were able to acquire. The customer base of Marshalls also overlaps with the customer base of Ross and it’s common for shoppers to visit both stores to see what they have in stock. The appeal of shopping at either store is similar as well and shopping for clothing at Marshalls can also be like going on a treasure hunt.

Like its sister company T.J. Maxx, Marshalls is also more focused on fashion than other discount department stores. While you can save money by shopping there, you can also look your best at the same time.

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