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Stores Like GameStop

The front of a GameStop store.

The specialized video game store GameStop is one of the last stores of its kind. Many of the other video game and electronics stores no longer exist and it’s likely that this was a result of competition from big-box stores that also sell games. Because of this factor, several of GameStop’s main competitors are big-box stores that also sell video games and accessories. These stores might not buy used games like GameStop does, though. Here are the other stores where you can buy video games.

Best Buy

The electronics store Best Buy also sells video games and gaming accessories. It’s still one of the only brick-and-mortar stores where you can buy video games other than GameStop. While Best Buy announced plans to stop selling physical video games in 2023, it later confirmed that it would continue to sell video games but would stop selling movie DVDs. You can also buy gaming consoles and laptops at Best Buy.

Best Buy operates much larger stores than GameStop does so even though it isn’t as specialized as GameStop it still has a sizable inventory of video games, accessories, and gaming hardware. As far as I know, Best Buy doesn’t buy used video games like GameStop does, though.


Known as a store that basically sells everything, Walmart is another store where you can buy video games as well as accessories, consoles, and laptops. It’s also one of the few stores where you can buy recently released video games on physical media such as DVDs. Walmart is also a discount store and is likely to sell electronics for lower prices than other specialized electronics stores and gaming stores. It’s also possible that Walmart will phase out physical video game sales in the future but it hasn’t done that yet.

Like Best Buy, Walmart operates large stores so even though it’s not a specialized video game retailer its stores still have enough space to stock lots of video games.

Micro Center

The electronics store Micro Center sells parts that you can use to build your own gaming PC. Newly released games often have high system requirements. But big-box stores often choose which computers to stock based on affordability and their performance might not be suitable for gaming. So if you plan to shop for parts to build a gaming PC in person instead of online you might want to visit a specialized store like this.


Another major big-box discount store, Target sells video games as well as gaming consoles, accessories, and laptops. This is another one of the stores where you can pick up a physical copy of a newly released video game in person. Again, it’s worth mentioning that while Target has not announced any plans to phase out physical game sales, some of its stores reduced their inventory of CDs and DVDs in 2023 and Target’s competitors have been doing this as well.

Central Computers

The electronics store Central Computers has several locations in Northern California. It’s another place where you can buy parts like high-end graphics cards, fans, and cooling equipment to build your own high-performance gaming computer. Again, while you can also buy computers at other big-box stores, many of these stores are positioned as discount stores and may not have high-end gaming equipment and accessories in stock.

Office Depot

A long time ago, Office Depot used to sell PC games as well as PCs themselves. Its stores no longer sell video games but you can still buy computers there. But like other brick-and-mortar stores, Office Depot’s stores may not carry some of the merchandise such as computer parts that’s available on its website. This store might be a better option if you’re planning to buy a computer but don’t plan to customize it or set it up yourself.

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