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Stores Like Burlington

A Burlington store.

The discount department store Burlington is a place where you can buy clothing for your whole family. It’s best known for its coats and it used to be called Burlington Coat Factory. Now it also carries household goods. You can also buy clothing for babies there and you can buy toys for children there as well. But if you also want to know where else you can get good deals on clothing, here are some other clothing stores where you might be able to find some bargains.

T.J. Maxx

Like Burlington, T.J. Maxx is another very popular off-price department store. T.J. Maxx is also known for selling fashionable clothing, which is noteworthy. Discount department stores are often known for their low prices but this store is also known for making its shoppers look good. Like other off-price stores, it carries brand-name clothing from prominent fashion brands but its clothing might be lower quality than the merchandise at traditional department stores.

You can also buy perfume, cologne, and other beauty products at T.J. Maxx in addition to clothing. Like other off-price stores, including Burlington, the selection at a T.J. Maxx store may vary depending on what its buyers were able to obtain.


Ross is another place where you can buy clothing for low prices. It’s well known for its treasure hunt experience. Basically, you might find brand-name clothing there that looks similar to clothing you’d find at a store like Macy’s or Nordstrom for much higher prices, but it’s likely that you’ll have to spend some time searching around inside the store before you find it.

Because of this factor, Ross is designed for in-person shopping. It’s not an online retailer, unlike many other department stores. You can shop online at Burlington, though, but shopping at Burlington’s stores in person can also be like going on a treasure hunt.


Walmart also has multiple clothing departments inside its stores and is also known for selling clothing for low prices. It also sells household goods and toys and you can buy coats there as well. Like Burlington, it sells clothing for the whole family and you can buy clothing for children and babies there as well.

Burlington primarily sells clothing, so if you’re also shopping for other merchandise it’s likely that Walmart will have a larger selection in other categories. You can also buy appliances, TV sets, and mobile devices at Walmart.


Target is considered more upscale than many other discount department stores and its stores have additional amenities inside them such as Starbucks cafes. Additionally, Target often partners with popular fashion brands like Vineyard Vines. Like T.J. Maxx, Target appeals to shoppers who are interested in looking their best as well as paying low prices for their clothing. Target’s stores are also well designed to provide an appealing shopping experience, while some discount department stores have piles of clothing scattered around their stores.

Like Burlington, Target also has several clothing departments inside its stores and you can buy clothing, accessories, and shoes there. It carries clothing for the whole family as well.

Old Navy

If you’d like to buy a pair of blue jeans for an affordable price, you might want to visit this store. It carries a large selection of blue jeans and you can also buy overalls, jean shorts, and other merchandise there. Like other discount department stores such as Burlington, Old Navy sells many other products as well, but its specialty is denim clothing. Old Navy also sells clothing for children as well as clothing for adults.

A choice between Old Navy and Burlington might come down to the specific product you want to buy. If you’re looking for blue jeans or other denim clothing, Old Navy might be the better choice, but Burlington might have more coats available if you’re looking for coats.


Marshalls is another popular off-price store that sells fashionable clothing from major brands for low prices. Like its sister company T.J. Maxx, it’s known for an emphasis on fashion as well as an emphasis on low prices. You can also buy beauty products such as makeup, skincare products, hair care products and perfume at Marshalls as well as luxury handbags and purses for low prices. Of course, Marshalls is an off-price store so the products at traditional department stores may not be the same as the ones it sells even if they come from the same brands.

While Marshalls and T.J. Maxx are similar stores, T.J. Maxx carries more merchandise for women and Marshalls is more of a store for the whole family. Burlington is also a store for the whole family so it’s more like Marshalls than T.J. Maxx.

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