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Stores Like Buffalo Exchange

The front of a Buffalo Exchange store.

Vintage stores like Buffalo Exchange attract artists and fashion enthusiasts because they sell stylish clothing for low prices. While Buffalo Exchange isn’t as much of a discounter as some other thrift shops, you can still get big discounts there by purchasing used clothing. This is also one of the stores where you can sell your old clothing and get cash or trade credit for it. One noteworthy thing about this store is that artists often leave fliers for local shows and concerts there. Here are some more stores that are similar to Buffalo Exchange.

Plato’s Closet

The women’s clothing store Plato’s Closet is another popular vintage store chain where you can buy used jeans, dresses, and other merchandise. It sells accessories like handbags and purses as well and you can also buy shoes there. Like Buffalo Exchange, Plato’s Closet is a popular place to shop if you want to buy vintage outfits and it’s also popular with bargain hunters. It’s also more similar to Buffalo Exchange than some of the other thrift stores that have different business models.

If you’re looking for vintage jeans, Plato’s Closet would be a good place to find them.


The thrift store Goodwill sells donated merchandise. Its inventory also includes old household goods, games, and decorations as well as clothing, although it does sell lots of clothing. Like a few other thrift stores, Goodwill is also a non-profit and one of the noteworthy things about it is that you can get tax credits by donating your old clothing to this store. It also has a lot of locations but you might have to drive for a while to get to many of the other thrift store and vintage stores. There’s a Goodwill in most of the cities in my area and sometimes there’s more than one.

Of course, if you’d rather receive cash for your old outfits you can visit Buffalo Exchange or Plato’s Closet instead.

Value Village

Another major thrift shop chain, Value Village also sells household goods, decorations, toys, and other products in addition to clothing. It’s positioned as a discount department store with multiple departments. Like other thrift stores, Value Village may have clothing that’s normally very expensive in stock for much lower prices. One noteworthy thing about this store is that it also sells jewelry. This thrift shop is a national chain that has a few locations in Los Angeles.

Value Village is more of a traditional thrift store than a vintage store like Buffalo Exchange.

Clothes Mentor

This is another vintage store that sells fashionable women’s clothing as well as shoes and handbags. It’s focused on stocking fashionable clothing and may be selective about what it will purchase from customers. Buffalo Exchange has an alternative, retro style while this store comes across more like an outlet department store where you can buy clothing from high-end fashion brands for low prices. Clothes Mentor is also likely to carry more fashionable clothing than traditional thrift stores.

T.J. Maxx

While T.J. Maxx isn’t a vintage store, it’s still a popular destination for shoppers who want to buy fashionable clothing for large discounts. Unlike Buffalo Exchange, it doesn’t sell used clothing and it won’t buy your used clothing either. T.J. Maxx is an off-price store that sells brand-name merchandise for low prices. It’s also a department store that sells other products such as perfume and jewelry in addition to clothing.

Buffalo Exchange and T.J. Maxx have different business models but both stores are likely to sell clothing you’ll like for lower prices than traditional department stores.

Nordstrom Rack

Like other department stores, Nordstrom has set up a separate chain of outlet stores for shoppers who might not be able to afford the merchandise in its traditional stores. This discount store, Nordstrom Rack, is another place where you might be able to find fashionable clothing that’s normally very expensive at a large discount. Nordstrom Rack is an outlet store, not a vintage store, and it sells new clothing.

Again, Nordstrom Rack and Buffalo Exchange have different business models but you might still want to visit both stores to see what clothing they have in stock.

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