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Stores Like Boot Barn

The front of a Boot Barn store.

While Boot Barn is best known for selling cowboy boots, it also sells cowboy hats, shirts, work boots, and many other products. You could also consider it a western wear store or a work wear store. It’s a specialized department store that operates relatively large stores and it also sells flannel shirts, blue jeans, and other clothing that’s tough, durable, and can stand up to harsh environments. Of course, many shoppers go there to pick out clothing to wear to country music concerts as well. Anyway, here are some stores that are similar to Boot Barn.

Tractor Supply

If you live in California, this might be one of the most accessible alternatives to Boot Barn because some of the most prominent boot stores and western wear stores don’t have locations in California. Tractor Supply carries a wide variety of supplies for farmers and its inventory includes work clothing. While this clothing is meant for outdoor work, you could wear it for the style as well. You’ll usually see Tractor Supply stores in rural towns where there are lots of farms and ranches nearby while Boot Barn often has stores in larger suburbs.

Big 5 Sporting Goods

Another prominent discount store chain with many locations in California, Big 5 Sporting Goods stocks a wide variety of supplies for outdoor adventures. While a lot of the products that it sells are recreational, its merchandise includes work boots and work clothing. This is another retailer that primarily sells functional products that are very durable and can resist harsh environments, although you could consider it a western wear store because of some of the products it sells.

Famous Footwear

If you’re just looking for work boots, Famous Footwear sells boots as well as many other types of shoes. It’s a specialized shoe store, though, so it doesn’t sell clothing such as cowboy hats, shirts, and blue jeans. But it is an option if you’re just looking for a pair of boots and can buy the other parts of your western wear outfit at another store. Famous Footwear also has many brick-and-mortar stores in California so you can go there if you want to try on your boots before you buy them.


You can also buy work boots and functional clothing at Walmart. While Walmart isn’t a specialized boot store or western wear store, it does have several clothing departments and could be considered an alternative to Boot Barn. It’s likely that Boot Barn will have a larger selection of niche western wear products such as boots and cowboy hats than Walmart because it’s a more specialized store. It’s also likely that Walmart will have lower prices than Boot Barn and other specialized Western wear stores. Boots can cost hundreds of dollars per pair at many western wear stores.


This western wear store also sells lots of cowboy boots as well as shirts, jeans, and accessories. It’s positioned as a western wear store instead of a boot store but it does have lots of boots in stock. Sheplers also stocks lots of cowboy hats as well. Like Boot Barn, it has fairly large stores and operates several clothing departments. Many of its stores are located in Texas but like other retailers it does have an online store.


Another well-known western wear store, Cavender’s is also known as Cavender’s Boot City. Like Boot Barn, it carries many more cowboy boots and cowboy hats than other retailers. And it also has brick-and-mortar stores, unlike many of the western wear retailers that only operate online stores. Cavender’s is another store that has multiple locations in Texas but doesn’t have any locations in California, although you can shop online there as well.

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