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NAPA Auto Parts Payment Methods

A NAPA Auto & Truck Parts store.

NAPA Auto Parts is an association of auto parts stores. These stores are independently operated so some stores are larger than others and their product selection varies to some extent, but in general they sell auto products such as motor oil, fog lights, car batteries, mufflers, and brake pads as well as tools that you can use to replace or install auto parts. These stores are designed for hobbyists and auto enthusiasts who want to fix their cars themselves instead of taking them to a dedicated repair shop. NAPA stores also sell truck parts.

NAPA stores are primarily for customers who have some background knowledge about their vehicles and can perform minor repairs themselves. These stores also supply parts to transportation companies and other businesses that maintain their own fleets, so they also accept a few additional forms of payment that are used by commercial transportation services. Here are the payment methods you can use at NAPA Auto Parts stores.

Does NAPA Auto Parts Accept Major Credit Cards?

NAPA Auto Parts stores typically accept American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa cards. They accept debit cards and credit cards. These stores are independently operated, but the parent company operates a payment processing service called NAPA Safepay+ for them that supports the major payment card networks.

NAPA Auto Parts stores also accept cash. Since these stores are members of an association and can make their own decisions, they may also be able to accept personal checks if the store owner decides to accept them.

Does NAPA Auto Parts Accept Mobile Payment Methods?

NAPA Auto Parts accepts Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and other contactless payment options for in-store purchases. I confirmed this information by checking the Apple Maps profiles of several nearby stores.

NAPA Auto Parts also has both an iPhone app and an Android app. It also has an online store that accepts PayPal. Its apps are also linked to its store inventory so you can check if a part is available locally before you order it online.

Does NAPA Auto Parts Accept International Payment Methods?

Auto parts stores with NAPA Safepay+ can accept Discover cards, so it’s likely that they can also accept JCB, UnionPay, and RuPay cards by processing them through the Discover network. But this decision might also be up to the individual store owner. Some auto parts stores don’t accept payments from international bank accounts.

Does NAPA Auto Parts Accept Buy Now, Pay Later?

NAPA Auto Parts accepts Afterpay and Sezzle for online orders and since it accepts PayPal you can also use PayPal credit there. It doesn’t accept Affirm, Zip, or Klarna.

Does NAPA Auto Parts Accept Other Payment Methods?

NAPA Auto Parts has its own store-branded gift cards. It also offers branded credit cards through a partnership with Synchrony Bank, which operates the credit card programs for many retail stores. Additionally, stores with NAPA Safepay+ can also accept fleet cards.

What’s Another Useful Fact About NAPA Auto Parts?

Some NAPA Auto Parts stores are located in small, rural towns where the local market wouldn’t be large enough to support other auto repair shops.

What Are Alternatives to NAPA Auto Parts That Accept Apple Pay?

Pep Boys provides auto maintenance and repair services at its service shops. It once operated lots of retail auto parts shops but it sold most of them and is now focused on providing auto services.

Advance Auto Parts operates auto parts stores for DIY types and auto hobbyists. Some of its auto parts stores are former Pep Boys stores.

O’Reilly Auto Parts is another auto parts store that supplies parts to customers who plan to repair their cars themselves. Like NAPA Auto Parts, it can accept fleet cards.

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