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LaserAway Payment Methods

A LaserAway clinic.

LaserAway operates clinics that use lasers to provide several beauty services. It can use lasers to remove unwanted hair or tattoos. It also provides other beauty treatments that can make you look younger and remove unwanted fat from your body. While salons also provide hair removal services, they typically don’t provide the other aesthetic treatments that are available at this clinic. LaserAway’s logo is LA, which is also short for Los Angeles.

LaserAway has clinics throughout Southern California and it has locations in Northern California and Arizona as well. Its clinics are typically located in upscale shopping malls. While some of its services are expensive, cosmetic healthcare services are also costly at other clinics and spas. Here are the payment methods you can use at LaserAway.

Does LaserAway Accept Major Credit Cards?

LaserAway accepts debit cards and credit cards. It might not accept cash, though.

Does LaserAway Accept Mobile Payment Methods?

LaserAway doesn’t accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or other contactless payment methods at its clinics. I looked up the Apple Maps profiles of its locations in my area and contactless payments were not listed as an accepted payment method. This is noteworthy because salons that provide hair removal services often accept contactless payments.

LaserAway also has an iPhone app and an Android app that you can use to set up appointments at its clinics.

Does LaserAway Accept International Payment Methods?

It’s likely that LaserAway can accept JCB, UnionPay, and RuPay global cards by processing them through the Discover network.

Does LaserAway Accept CareCredit?

You can use CareCredit to pay for laser hair removal services at medical clinics, so some LaserAway locations may be able to accept this payment method. CareCredit provides a way to finance healthcare services and LaserAway is a healthcare service provider.

Does LaserAway Accept BNPL?

LaserAway doesn’t accept Sezzle, Klarna, Zip, Afterpay, or Affirm. It might not accept any BNPL apps. It doesn’t have an online store and it’s less common for BNPL apps to be accepted as in-store payment options.

Does LaserAway Accept Other Payment Methods?

LaserAway sells physical gift cards and e-gift cards.

What’s Another Useful Fact About LaserAway?

LaserAway is also known for hiring models to promote its hair removal services.

What Are Alternatives to LaserAway That Accept Apple Pay?

Sugaring NYC uses a mixture of sugar and lemon juice to remove unwanted hair instead of using lasers.

SEV Laser provides laser hair removal services as well as other beauty services at its spas.

Ideal Image operates medical spas that provide a variety of cosmetic services, including laser hair removal.

European Wax Center provides hair removal services as well as other cosmetic services at its salons. Traditionally, salons use wax to remove unwanted hair.

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