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David’s Bridal Payment Methods

A David's Bridal store.

If you’re planning to get married or you’re planning on attending a wedding, you might want to visit David’s Bridal. This store is best known for its wedding dresses but it also sells bridesmaid’s dresses as well. Some locations also sell wedding clothing for men such as tuxedos. This store also has lower prices than department stores and specialty wedding dress shops and you might be able to buy a dress there for a few hundred dollars instead of paying a few thousand dollars elsewhere. Anyway, here are the payment methods you can use at David’s Bridal.

Does David’s Bridal Accept Major Credit Cards?

David’s Bridal accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Diner’s Club cards. It accepts both debit and credit cards.

Does David’s Bridal Accept Mobile Payment Methods?

David’s Bridal is likely to accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay for in-store purchases in the near future but some of its locations may not accept contactless payments yet. It planned to begin accepting Apple Pay and Google Pay in late 2023, according to PYMNTS. I checked the Apple Maps profiles of its stores in my area in March 2024 and several of them did not have contactless payments listed as a payment option yet.

David’s Bridal also has an online store and mobile apps for wedding planning. Its online store currently accepts Apple Pay and PayPal.

Does David’s Bridal Accept International Payment Methods?

Since David’s Bridal accepts Discover cards, it’s likely that it can accept UnionPay, JCB, and RuPay global cards as well. Clothing stores are more likely to accept international credit cards than other types of retail stores.

Does David’s Bridal Accept Buy Now, Pay Later?

David’s Bridal accepts Affirm and Zip. Since it accepts PayPal, PayPal credit should also work there. It doesn’t accept Klarna, Afterpay, or Sezzle.

Does David’s Bridal Have Its Own Payment Methods?

David’s Bridal has branded gift cards, but it declared bankruptcy in 2023 and gift cards that were sold before the bankruptcy announcement are no longer accepted. If you have a gift card from any store, you’ll lose its value if the store goes bankrupt.

Even though David’s Bridal doesn’t accept old gift cards, most of its stores are still open. After it declared bankruptcy, it was bought by Cion Investment Group, an investment firm that is currently carrying out a turnaround campaign. This turnaround campaign includes adding support for additional payment options such as mobile wallets.

What Are Alternatives to David’s Bridal That Accept Apple Pay?

Macy’s sells wedding dresses and tuxedos as well as many other products. Again, department stores typically sell high-quality wedding clothes for higher prices.

Nordstrom is another major department store that sells wedding dresses as well as many other types of clothing. I’d consider it an upscale store and many of its products are expensive.

JCPenney also operates department stores where you can find wedding dresses as well as many other things. It’s a traditional department store and it still has affordable prices.

T.J. Maxx is an off-price department store where you can buy wedding dresses and it’s known for having lower prices than traditional department stores.

Marshalls sells women’s formal dresses that bridesmaids and other guests can wear to a wedding. It’s also an off-price store that’s more affordable than other department stores.

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