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Bluemercury Payment Methods

The side of a Bluemercury store.

Bluemercury is an upscale cosmetics and beauty store. While personal care products are available at many department stores and drugstores, Bluemercury sells products that are very high quality and you might not see them elsewhere. Many of its beauty products are manufactured by niche beauty brands. This store also sells many products that are made with vegan ingredients. Bluemercury stocks several types of personal care products, including shampoo, conditioner, makeup, skin cream, and lipstick. And it has spas inside its stores that provide salon services as well.

This beauty product store also sells perfume. High-end fragrances are often expensive because they contain rare ingredients that are difficult to obtain. Additionally, many of Bluemercury’s stores are located in upscale neighborhoods. So shopping at this store could be expensive and you might need to finance a purchase there. This retailer also operates stand-alone stores as well as pop-up stores inside Macy’s department stores. Bluemercury’s stores accept several payment methods.

Does Bluemercury Accept Major Credit Cards?

Bluemercury accepts credit cards and debit cards. It does not accept cash for safety reasons. This store sells many products that are very valuable and it doesn’t want to hold large quantities of cash at its stores. This is noteworthy because most stores accept cash.

Does Bluemercury Accept Mobile Payment Methods?

Bluemercury accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay as well as other contactless payment methods for in-store purchases. I checked the Apple Maps profiles of several of its stores in Southern California to confirm this information.

Bluemercury doesn’t have an iPhone app or an Android app, but it does have an online store that accepts PayPal. Its competitors Ulta Beauty and Sephora do have mobile apps, so it’s noteworthy that it doesn’t have an app.

Does Bluemercury Accept International Payment Methods?

It’s likely that Bluemercury can accept JCB cards and UnionPay cards by processing them through the Discover network. Most retailers can do this. Additionally, it’s likely that Bluemercury can accept RuPay global cards from Indian banks by using the same process.

Does Bluemercury Accept Buy Now, Pay Later?

Bluemercury accepts Sezzle, Zip, Affirm, and Klarna for online purchases. It has also accepted Klarna for in-store purchases since 2021, which is noteworthy. And since it accepts PayPal you can also use PayPal’s BNPL service there. It doesn’t accept Afterpay, though.

Does Bluemercury Accept Other Payment Methods?

Bluemercury has its own branded gift cards, and you can buy gift cards at its stores or purchase them on its website. These gift cards can be used at stand-alone stores or the pop-up stores inside Macy’s department stores.

What’s Another Useful Fact About Bluemercury?

Bluemercury also sells fragrant candles that can make your home smell nice.

What Are Bluemercury Competitors That Accept Apple Pay?

Sephora is a French retailer that sells premium beauty products. It has pop-up stores inside Kohl’s department stores as well as stand-alone stores.

Ulta Beauty also sells a wide variety of beauty products at its stores and it provides salon services as well. You’ll see its stores at many upscale Southern California malls.

Lush is a British company that sells beauty products. It operates Lush Cosmetics stores in high-end malls in the Los Angeles area.

CVS is a drugstore, not a specialized beauty products store, but it does sell a lot of beauty products.

Walgreens is another big-box drugstore that sells beauty products as well as prescription drugs and many other things.

Rite Aid is another big-box drugstore that also sells cosmetics and personal care products. Like the other drugstores, it also sells many other products.

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