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Are Financial Services Available at Sprouts?

A Sprouts Farmer's Market storefront.

Sprouts sells lots of health food and it’s also known for its low-cost sandwich deals, but many supermarkets also provide financial services such as utility bill payment and prepaid card reloading. There are several supermarkets that offer so many financial services that they can serve as alternatives to traditional bank branches. Some shoppers want to know if these services are available at this health-food store as well, so I decided to see what financial services were available at Sprouts.

Does Sprouts Cash Checks?

Sprouts doesn’t cash third-party checks such as payroll checks and government checks. This service is available at several supermarkets, including WinCo and Walmart, but it’s usually not available at health-food stores like Sprouts. When check-cashing services are available, they’re usually available at a separate customer service booth located near the front of a grocery store.

Does Sprouts Sell Money Orders?

Sprouts doesn’t sell money orders and it doesn’t cash them either. This also isn’t unusual for a high-end health-food store. If you’re looking for an alternative, you can buy money orders at Walmart and traditional grocery stores such as Albertsons and Vons, although most grocery stores don’t cash money orders so if you receive one you might have to visit a bank branch to cash it.

Can You Send or Receive Money at Sprouts?

You can’t send or receive money transfers at Sprouts and you can’t send remittances at its grocery stores either. It doesn’t have any partnerships with money transfer services such as Ria or Western Union. Again, if you’re looking for an alternative these money services are available at other supermarkets such as Walmart and Ralphs but these stores don’t stock as much health food as Sprouts does.

Can You Reload Prepaid Cards at Sprouts?

Sprouts doesn’t reload third-party prepaid cards. It does sell branded Sprouts gift cards that you can reload at its grocery stores, though. Like other supermarkets, it may sell third-party gift cards as well. You can reload prepaid cards from Cash App, Chime, and other issuers at many traditional supermarkets, drugstores, and convenience stores although these stores may charge you a small fee to reload your card. Again, these stores typically don’t sell as many organic and natural products as Sprouts does, though.

Can You Pay Your Utility Bills at Sprouts?

Sprouts doesn’t provide bill payment services either. These services are available at several other supermarkets, including Albertsons and Stater Bros, and you can use them to pay your rent or your gas bill if you don’t have a traditional checking account. Major bill payment service providers include Western Union and PayNearMe. Again, this isn’t unusual because health-food stores typically don’t offer bill payment services.

What Are Sprouts Alternatives Where You Can Use Financial Services?

Ralphs provides several financial services at its in-store customer-service desks and it’s also known for its Kroger-branded private-label health-food products and its Fresh Fare stores. If you plan to use its financial services you should bring your store loyalty card.

Vons is also a traditional supermarket and it also sells health food, although like Ralphs it doesn’t stock as much health food as a specialized health-food store. It provides several commonly used financial services at its customer service desks as well.

Albertsons is another alternative if you’d like to do some banking at a supermarket and buy some health food. In my area, there are some cities that have Vons stores and other cities that have Albertsons stores, although Albertsons owns the Vons banner.


While you can reload a Sprouts gift card at Sprouts, this store doesn’t offer any other financial services so you can’t use it as an alternative to a bank branch. Since this is an upscale health-food store, it’s likely that many of its customers already have bank accounts and don’t need to visit supermarkets to use their banking services. Other health-food stores typically don’t provide any financial services to their customers either. If you’re looking for an alternative, the best choice might be a traditional supermarket that sells some health food and also has a customer-service desk that provides financial services.

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