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Dutch Bros Payment Methods

A Dutch Bros coffee shop.

If you’d like to try a variety of blended coffee and tea drinks, then you might want to visit Dutch Bros. This coffee shop stocks syrup, fresh fruit, and other ingredients that it uses to prepare custom drinks. It also has vegan milks and sugar-free syrups. Some of its popular custom drinks may not be listed on the menu but its baristas may still be able to prepare them if the ingredients are available.

Dutch Bros has a lot of drive-thru coffee shops that can make lots of drinks quickly. While some of its shops do have indoor and outdoor seating areas, it also has a lot of locations that primarily prepare coffee for drive-thru customers. These locations are basically drive-thru coffee stands, not cafes, so they’re not designed to be places where you can hang out and talk to other customers. Some of its drive-thru locations are open 24 hours as well. Anyway, here are the payment methods you can use at Dutch Bros.

Does Dutch Bros Accept Major Credit Cards?

Dutch Bros accepts debit and credit cards from major payment networks.

Dutch Bros also accepts cash. It accepts large bills, including $50 and $100 bills, as well. This might depend on whether the coffee shop has enough cash on hand to give you change, though. It’s risky for a coffee shop to keep lots of cash outside of its safe.

Does Dutch Bros Accept Mobile Payment Methods?

Dutch Bros accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and other contactless payment methods for in-store purchases. You can also use these forms of payment to order coffee in its drive-thru lanes.

Dutch Bros also has rewards apps for the iPhone and Android phones. Its apps also support contactless payments and you can use them to make in-store purchases and earn rewards.

Does Dutch Bros Accept International Payment Methods?

It’s likely that Dutch Bros can accept JCB, UnionPay, and RuPay global cards by processing them through the Discover network.

Does Dutch Bros Accept EBT?

Dutch Bros doesn’t accept EBT. I looked up the Restaurant Meals program participant lists for Ventura, Santa Barbara, Kern, San Diego, and Los Angeles counties and I didn’t see this coffee shop on those lists. That’s not surprising, though, because other coffee shops don’t appear on those lists either. Coffee shops usually don’t accept this form of payment.

If you’re looking for alternatives, there are lots of fast-food restaurants that accept EBT in Southern California and some of them also serve blended coffee drinks.

Does Dutch Bros Have Its Own Payment Methods?

Dutch Bros sells branded gift cards. You can also load cash into its apps and then use the stored balance to pay for your order and earn rewards. And if you’ve seen those articles explaining how Starbucks is really a bank because of its stored app balances, the same argument applies to Dutch Bros and Dunkin’.

Dutch Bros supports split payments so you can split a payment between a gift card and a credit card there, but if you do this you should make sure that each of the split payments has a value of $1 or more.

What’s Another Useful Fact About Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros can also make drinks with protein milk, which is milk with added protein. That might be useful to know if you’re trying to build or maintain muscle.

What Are Alternatives to Dutch Bros That Accept Apple Pay?

Starbucks serves a wide variety of blended coffee and tea drinks and it can also make custom drinks. It has drive-thru lanes at many of its locations as well.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is a coffee shop that has lots of locations in Southern California. They typically have both indoor and outdoor dining areas and a few of them now have drive-thru lanes.

Philz Coffee is a premium coffee shop that serves several blends of high-quality coffee as well as baked goods. Some of its Southern California locations also have valet parking.

Dunkin’ is best known for its donuts and it sells coffee and a variety of blended drinks as well. Many of its locations have drive-thru lanes.

Peet’s Coffee is a coffee shop and cafe that sells coffee and tea as well as coffee beans. Its cafes are designed to be locations where you can sit and talk to your friends.

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